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Booking Information
To Schedule an Event
Esther enjoys speaking to small groups as much as she appreciates keynote conference audiences, retreats, and workshop students. Contact her directly for more information and to discuss availability.

You may email Esther at Six months notice for an appearance is appreciated, though she will do everything she can to meet your requested date, whenever it may be.
Reserving a Specific Date
When you and Esther agree on a date for her appearance, she will email you a Letter of Agreement to be signed and returned in hard mail, along with a deposit. If the event is to take place at least 6 months from the date of inquiry, the event date will be reserved for you for 14 days without a contract or deposit. If for any reason more time is needed, let Esther know.

When the signed Agreement and the deposit are received, the date will be considered firm.

The balance of the fee and expenses are due and payable on the day of the event, prior to her participation.

Expenses and Speaking Fees


Conference Keynote: $6,000 - $10,000
Special consideration for church groups and charity organizations. Contact Esther for details.

Workshop: fees depend on the location and the length of the event, i.e., 1 hour, 2 hours, half-day, full day or 2 days. Please discuss your needs in an email and she will work with you on the fee.

Luncheon or After-Dinner Speaker: fees are negotiable and depend on the scope and location of the event.

Accommodations & Meals
These will be provided by the host. Esther arrives a day ahead of conferences and workshops, so that she may become acquainted with the facility and her host. She will leave the morning after the event.

ESTHER TRAVELS WITH AN ASSISTANT. Those expenses are paid for by Esther Luttrell with the exception of air and train fare. 

Other Expenses:

Air Fare: The host will provide an electronic ticket for Esther and her Assistant after coordinating with Esther on carrier and times of travel. The host will arrange ground transportation during her visit.

Train Travel: If there is ample time for train travel, and if the schedule is workable, Esther enjoys traveling by train. The host provides an electronic ticket for Esther and her Assistant, after coordinating with her on dates and times.

Other Considersations:
At all of Esther's appearances a table is provided for the sale of her books. Revenue from Trade Publications and/or audio books shall go directly to Esther. If there is a gift shop or bookstore with the venue, arrangements for sales will be made at the time of the host's initial query.

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 Esther Luttrell
    "It is never too late to be what you might have been."

When students leave this workshop they have the necessary tools and information to pursue their screenwriting goals. They go out educated in the business of being a professional screenwriter and understand what it takes to sell a script in a very competitive market. Class exercises give attendees the hands-on experience needed to master the craft of scriptwriting. 
Esther uses her own life experiences to bring home the fact that everyone has a story; the only real difference between a winner and a loser is how they live their story. Having gone through the rejection of her beloved her father at an early age, the end of formal schooling before graduating, the death of her children and enough set-backs to make even the Biblical Job weary, Esther manages to bring humor to the occasion, leaving audiences laughing and crying, often at the same time. Motivational and inspirational, it is a powerhouse presentation. REBOOT, REBUILD, REJOICE.

George Eliot

Coincidence or evidence of God in your life? Esther's dynamic and thoughtful presentation inspires audiences to examine their own spiritual awareness. Without preaching, the message is clear that God never leaves us though we often leave God, that every incident - no matter how dramatic or tragic- has a purpose that will one day be revealed. A thought-provoking, soul-searching talk that leaves audiences with a heart warmed and wonderfully lifted.  DEAR DEAN... LOVE, MOM. BETWEEN HEAVEN and EARTH.
Keynote: Esther's talk centers on the aspiring writer's need-to-know. She makes clear the realities involved in being a professional writer and lays out the steps necessary to get there. Stories that make you laugh and cry are those of tremendous success and gut-wrenching failure, mainly on her own. Esther's presentation is uplifting, encouraging, and jam-packed with the kind of warm, tough, down-to-earth talk every writer needs to hear. A rousing event! 
"Erik Estrada, Marilyn Monroe and Good Ol' What's Her Name"
This very special program finds a particularly warm place in the hearts of those who remember when movies lifted our spirits. Fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpses into the lives of names familiar to those who know exactly who you're talking about when you say Jimmy Stewart and Clark Gable. Drawing on her own MGM experiences, Esther has designed the program to include audience participation. The finale often brings sweet tears of nostalgia and smiles inspired by personal memories as everyone joins Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in singing "Happy Trails to You"... .till we meet again. A delightful, heartwarming program for movie buffs of all ages, but especially perfect for senior events and conferences. For dates and rates contact Esther at or call her direct at (785) 234-5674.