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"I don't know when I've laughed so much, or felt such a lump in my throat, as when I heard Esther speak to our group. What an inspiration!" 
Elsie Austin, Columbus, Georgia
Esther uses her own life experiences to bring home the fact that everyone has a story; the only real difference between a winner and a loser is how they live their story. Having gone through the rejection of her beloved her father at an early age, the end of formal schooling before graduating, the death of her children and enough set-backs to make even the Biblical Job weary, Esther manages to bring humor to the occasion, leaving audiences laughing and crying, often at the same time. Motivational and inspirational, it is a powerhouse presentation. 
Reboot, Rebuild, Rejoice
Motivational. Inspirational. Women's Conferences, Faith-based & Civic Groups
Between Heaven & Earth talk & workshop
Inspirational, Faith-based Conferences & Groups
The workshop:Between Heaven & Earth workshops: "Esther talks about the most common means of communication from loved ones on the other side, and illustrates proof of life after death with stories of her own experiences. She will provide workshop students with material that includes pages of information on means used by the deceased to communicate with their loved ones. The goal of each workshop is to help mend broken hearts."
"She made me laugh and she made me cry. From her first remark to the last, Esther grabbed my heart and didn't let go."
Dianne Lawson
Topeka, Kansas

"I'm not a religious philosopher, or a psychic, or anything remotely like that. I'm just a mother who lost her boy and who has been blessed by his presence from the other side." Esther Luttrell
Writers Conferences & Workshops
"Esther's textbook, Tools of the ScreenWriting Trade, has replaced all others and is the sole screenwriting reference for my students." Scott Anderson, Screenwriting Instructor, Harvard Square Screenwriters, Boston MA
"What Esther teaches is 100% right. I'm the one who encouraged her to write a book. Every screenwriter should know what she has to say." Paul Mason, Former Senior Vice-President Production, Viacom
"What Esther teaches is important for you to know if you ever intend to make it as a screenwriter." Paul Rabwin, Award-winning Producer, The X Files
"I studied with Esther and sold 3 scripts in 2 years - without an agent. In fact, I just sold my first mini-series - and I still don't have an agent." 
Justin MacIntosh, Tampa, Florida
"My first attempt at screenwriting won me a BBC Radio award out of over 100 applicants, was produced and has been aired many times...Thank you, Esther, for the inspiration and the guidance!" Jean Goodhind, London England
"I've been production coordinator on national television shows, and on multi-million dollar feature films. I've executive produced, hosted, and written dozens of television programs, educational films and low budget-high quality movies, but I've never had more fun than tackling this absurdly silly, funny-as-the-dickens little feature film. 

"The Library Journal featured the DVD on its cover, a distribution deal was made on the strength of the Dove Foundation's endorsement as one of the year's 10 best family films, and we've received literally hundreds of raves but, clearly, the one we treasure is from ex-political powerhouse Janet Reno who said she'd never laughed more in her life and found herself thinking about the little movie days after watching it. The genius behind it all is Carter Lord, executive producer, director and star of the film, but he doesn't mind if I take a tad of credit for myself." - Esther
Producer & Co-Writer: Esther Luttrell

Esther also functioned as music director though she gave screen credit to an intern.
Esther Luttrell is an author, business woman, and public speaker who leaves audiences entertained, motivated, and inspired. Life changing is the term heard most following one of her appearances. 
"Esther, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Comments from other members is that they could listen to you all day. You have touched my life and I shall never forget you ... ever." 

Debra Weaverling, Officer, Leavenworth Women's Chamber of Commerce, Leavenworth, KS
"Those of us fortunate enough to have heard Esther speak at Emerson Chapel were enthralled with her message. In her charming way, and with her wonderful stories of love and support, she brought all of us to an understanding we will never forget."  Peggy Colwell, UU Emerson Chapel, St. Louis, MO

    "It is never too late to be what you might have been."
George Eliot



 Esther Luttrell
"Genuine. Mesmerizing. Articulate. Meet author-speaker Esther Luttrell. With empathy and easy conversation, her perception and keen insight will change your life. Esther's style simply sparkles." 
Claire Applewhite, past Vice President Missouri Writers Guild, Mssouri Writers Conference
Workshop: "So you want to be a writer? Not the best idea in the world, but if you're determined, at least go into it educated. It's a business, a tough one, and it's not always about talent. It's about the guts and determination to take whatever amount of talent you have and craft it into something you can be proud of and that the public will spent money to buy..." Esther Lutttell - excerpt from Missouri Writers Conference talk- St. Louis, MO.
Te Ata (2017-2018)
Gallup Film Festival Award Winner
Best Screenplay - Esther Luttrell
Best Cinematography
Best Score
Best Actor
Orlando Film Festival - Best Picture Award
Indianapolis Heartland Film Festival - Audience Best Award
Tulsa American Film Festival - Best Feature Film Actress
San Diego Film Festival - Winner, Kumeyayaay Eagle Award

The dramatic story of a Chickasaw native who inspired the world with her stories
Inspirational. Women's Groups & Conferences, Faith-based & Civic Groups
Esther's dynamic and thoughtful account of her experiences after the passing of her 17 year old son. Hundreds of hearts, broken by the loss of a loved one, have been mended as a result of Esther's message from her son that life and love are eternal and that loved ones never leave us. 
Tools of the Screen Writing Trade
Tools of the ScreenWriting Trade is the only book on screenwriting endorsed by the Writers Guild of America-West and carried in its library.

THE TALK. Coincidence or evidence of God in your life? Esther's dynamic and thoughtful presentation inspires audiences to examine their own spiritual awareness. Without preaching, the message is clear that God never leaves us though we often leave God, that every incident - no matter how dramatic or tragic- has a purpose that will one day be revealed. A thought-provoking, soul-searching talk that leaves audiences with a heart warmed and wonderfully lifted.  
When students leave Esther's workshop they have the necessary tools and information to pursue their screenwriting goals. They go out educated in the business of being a professional screenwriter and understand what it takes to sell a script in a very competitive market. Class exercises give students the hands-on experience needed to master the craft of scriptwriting. Esther offers free on-going mentoring to every attendee.  
 Keynote: Esther's talk centers on the aspiring writer's need-to-know. She makes clear the realities involved in being a professional writer and lays out the steps necessary to get there. Stories that make you laugh and cry are those of tremendous success and gut-wrenching failure, mainly on her own. Esther's presentation is uplifting, encouraging, and jam-packed with the kind of warm, tough, down-to-earth talk every writer needs to hear. A rousing event!
"I've taken dozens of workshops and attended countless lectures on writing, but I've never before left feeling like I got everything I expected - and more! Thank you!!" - Robert Durham, Orlando FL