Previous Workshops and Conferences
How to Publish, Print and Promote Your Work Internationally for Under $25
​(2-hr or half-day workshop)

In order to present this powerful program, Esther undertook the task of publishing, printing and promoting her own book for under $25, resulting in a talk brimming with authority, humility and humor. Writers will realize they, too, can accomplish goals once available only to those with thousands to spend on literary aspirations. Esther's step-by-step plan will give them the tools necessary to turn dreams into reality. 
The Business of Being a Writer
​(keynote; workshop)

Esther's warm, witty message is packed with the reality of living the life of a writer. Most aspiring writers assume an agent will take care of contracts and other pesky details creative folks should never have to deal with. Esther's talk covers To Agent or Not to Agent, how to spot and avoid Writer Beware contracts, and a dozen other subjects that will help writers succeed in an extremely competitive business. 
The Business of Being a Screenwriter
(keynote or 2 hr workshop)

How did the film industry become what it is it today? Why is it so difficult for writers to break into the Hollywood market? How do you get an agent? What do you say in a query letter? Who do you send it to? Esther addresses these and dozens of other questions in her powerful message on what aspiring screenwriters must know about today's rapidly changing Hollywood market.
How to Market & Promote Your Book
​ (2 hr., 4 hr, or 1 day workshop)

Whether published traditionally or self-published, writers have to market and promote themselves and their work. Without a viable marketing plan, books are destined to be little more than a well-kept secret.  Audio books, ebooks, paid vs free advertising campaigns, national and regional news stories about authors, radio and TV interviews, book signings and author events will be covered in depth in Esther's dynamic talk on marketing and promotion. Writers leave educated, entertained and motivated.
Believe Your Way to Success
Creating Dynamic Dialogue & Believable Characters
(3 hr, half-day workshop)

This is one of Esther's most fun and informative workshops. With much interaction involved, writers will be led through mind-expanding exercises that will open creative doors they never thought possible. One of the most difficult challenges for a new screenwriter to master is the art of "natural" dialogue.  Esther will share insider tips that will help them write dialogue that is dynamic, creative and totally believable. 
Everybody sets out to do something. And everybody actually does something. But almost nobody does what he sets out to do. Esther's message, about belief in ones ability to do exactly what they want to do, will leave aspiring writers with a new sense of hope and a blueprint for accomplishing their goals, from a speaker who has walked the walk. 
Big Sleep Books, St. Louis, MO
"Kick a dream into action and you've got a goal." - Esther Luttrell
  Esther's 2-day screenwriting workshop, Burt Reynolds Ranch, Jupiter, FL (with aspiring screenwriters)
2 day screenwriting workshop, Orlando, FL
(with Shattered Dreams author James Crawford)

"He who tells stories rules the world."  -   Hopi Proverb
"I studied with Esther and sold 3 scripts in 2 years - without an agent. I just sold my first mini-series, and I still don't have an agent." 
Justin MacIntosh, Tampa, FL
"What Esther teaches is important for you to know if you ever intend to make it as a screenwriter." 
Paul Rabwin, Emmy winning producer, The X Files
"Esther's workshop is 100% accurate. I'm the one who encouraged her to write a book because every screenwriter should know what she has to say." 
Paul Mason, former Senior Vice President, Production, Viacom
"You are the most loving, devoted Teacher/Person/Woman-Angel on Earth. And, as you know, I'm not alone in those feelings. Thanks SO much!" 
Filmmaker Christopher Baer
"Thank you! You've provided the needed adrenaline to sit down and punch away at the keyboard. It is very easy to become discouraged so I commend you on behlaf of all aspiring screenwriters." 
Thuy Hugens
"My first attempt at scriptwriting won me a BBC Radio award out of over one hundred applicants, was produced and has been aired many times - and I have a two book-a-year contract with Orion! Thank you, Esther! 
Jean Goodhind, London, Eng.
With Screenwriting workshop partner, Writer-Producer Donald Gold ( Miami Vice, Diagnosis Murder, feature films, etc)
"Esther's book has replaced all others and is my sole (screenwriting) reference for my students." 
Scott Anderson, Screenwriting Instructor, Harvard Square Screenwriters, Boston MA
Esther Luttrell (producer, co-writer, Ocean Ent. Group)

"I've been production coordinator on national television shows, and on multi-million dollar feature films. I've executive produced, hosted, and written dozens of television programs, educational films and low budget-high quality movies, but I've never had more fun than tackling this absurdly silly, funny-as-the-dickens little Florida flick. 

"The Library Journal featured the DVD on its cover when they recommended it highly, a distribution deal was made on the strength of the Dove Foundation's endorsement, and we've received literally hundreds of raves but, clearly, the one we treasure is from ex-political powerhouse Janet Reno who said, 'Florida's blue springs are magic places. It's always wonderful to find a film that can leave you rolling on the floor laughing and smiling to yourself all the next day. It's doubly wonderful when it's set around a blue spring in some of Florida's prettiest scenery.'  The genius behind it all is Carter Lord, executive producer, director and star of the film, but he doesn't mind if I take a tad of credit for myself." 

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 Esther Luttrell
    "It is never too late to be what you might have been."
Esther inspires writers to reach their highest potential. When they walk out of her workshop or away from her keynote address, they know that, with hard work and determination, nothing is impossible. She provides the tools that will take their dreams and turn them into achievable goals - and she does it with humor and good old-fashioned common sense. 
One of the most candid talks you'll ever hear on writers and writing! Esther's radio interview on SUSPENSE MAGAZINE
George Eliot
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Scams, Shams & Internet Shysters
(2 hr workshop or 1 hr class lecture)

There are hundreds of crooks out there trying to figure how to get your money so that your dreams can come true. How to spot one? How much outside help do you really need? Why are we so willing to believe someone else can make our dreams come true and why are we willing to pay them to do it? How to make your dreams and your money work for you.

Esther's textbook "Tools of the ScreenWriting Trade" is the only screenwriting book endorsed by the Writers Guild of America. Available in their reference library.  (2018).
Te Ata (feature film) 2017-2018
 Esther Luttrelll - Screenwriter
Gallup Film Festival Award Winner
Best Screenplay - Esther Luttrell
Best Cinematography
Best Score
Best Actor - Graham Greene
Orlando Film Festival - Best Picture Award
Indianapolis Heartland Film Festival-Audience Best Award
Tulsa American Film Festival - Best Feature Film Actress
San Diego Film Festival - Winner, Kumeyayaay Eagle Award
The dramatic story of a Chickasaw native who inspired the world with her stories

Lithium Springs
One of the best - and funniest - films in years!