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Esther speaks at Unity of Daytona, Daytona Beach, FL. With assistant Paula Carroll (left).
"Those of us fortunate enough to have heard Esther speak at Emerson Chapel were enthralled with her message. In her charming way, and with her wonderful stories of love and support, she brought all of us to an understanding we will never forget." 

Peggy Colwell, UU Emerson Chapel, St. Louis, MO

"I first heard Esther speak during an Association of Women in Communication event. I wasn't looking forward to the meeting, or hearing an author talk about her book ... Hearing her speak was exactly what I needed. I actually felt she was reading what was in my heart ... I can honestly say that  was one of the turning points in my life. Because of her, I was able to recognized miracles happening for me every single day.."

Karen Wagaman, former board member Association of Women in Communication, Topeka, KS
"I attended Esther's talk in St. Louis and had an unforgettable experience. My tears were of joy...It was meant for me to listen to her great message. I thank her for the tremendous work she is doing." 

Maria Pardon, Los Angeles, CA
"I have heard Esther speak on several occasions, two or more times before the National Association of Retired Railroad Employees, and twice for our Methodist church. She holds your attention every minute and has a wonderful sense of humor." 

Clovie Stewart, National Assoc. of Retired Railroad Employees, Hoyt, KS
"Esther's presentation to the Sunrise Optimist Club was superb. She shared her rich background and experience with complete candor and humor. I have had numerous members express their enjoyment of her tantalizing stories. Some are still asking how I managed to acquire such a knowledgable and entertaining speaker." 

Gary Slimmer, Program Chairman, Sunrise Optimist Club; Past Optimist Kansas Lt. Governor
"Comments from other members is that they could isten to you all day. You have touched my life and I shall never forget you ... ever." 

Debra Weaverling, Officer, Leavenworth Women's Chamber of Commerce, Leavenworth, KS

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"When you think you've gone as far as you can possibly go, you'll find you've only pushed yourself to the edge of a new beginning." 
             - Esther Luttrell from keynote talk Reboot, Rebuild, Rejoice

"I don't know when I've laughed so much, or felt such a slump in my throat, as when I heard Esther speak to our group. What an inspiration."

Elsie Austin, Atlanta, Georgia
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    "It is never too late to be what you might have been."
 Esther Luttrell
George Eliot
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Esther Luttrell, author and business woman, has been called one of America's most effective and entertaining speakers. She has risen out of ashes more than once in her life, and tells about it with candor and grace, inspiring others to realize their own potential.

Born in Daytona Beach, Florida, she is the only child of Leslie and Marjorie Glen Cox. The trio left Daytona when she was three months old, which set the pattern for a travel trend that would last the rest of her life. She attended Florida schools in Ft. Myers, Jacksonville, and Tampa. In California she went to school in Montebello and Whittier. She entered the seventh grade at Burbank Junior High in Houston, Texas and then the family moved back to Tampa where she enrolled at Hillsboro High School. She had attended tenth grade classes for only a week when her father walked off and left her and her mother. Esther quit school to wrap hog jowls in a supermarket. 

Despite the lack of a formal education, 
   Esther is living her dream. Without returning to 
school, she went on to participate in a PhD grant 
at a major university, became a screenwriter, film 
producer and director, and is the author of 
14 published books. Her workshops on rebooting, 
rebuilding and rejoicing are carved from 
personal experience. She is the perfect example 
of what being extraordinary is about - 
personal triumph, achievements despite the odds, 
turning negatives into positives, 
and inspiring others to reach their highest potential. 

Every mountain she has faced in life has been conquered.She has been executive assistant to the vice president of a major film studio and story consultant to some of the most powerful movie moguls in Hollywood. When history repeated itself, and her husband - like her father years before - walked out, leaving her penniless and without a home, she wrote her first novel based on that experience and turned her life completely around. 14 novels later, she has still never received a letter of rejection from any publisher.  

Each success strengthens her resolve to help others realize their full potential, to encourage others to reach as far as imagination and desire will stretch, and to  never lose perspective or their sense of humor.

Her most popular talk, Reboot, Rebuild, Rejoice, has been embraced by women's groups and faith-based organizations as a standard for anyone seeking motivation and inspiration. 

Audiences are inspired by Esther Luttrell's triumphant story and fortitude. She is an author, business woman, motivational and inspirational speaker.



Reboot, Rebuild, Rejoice 

Starting over is never easy, but we find ourselves facing that situation over and over in life. Esther shares her story of starting over - again and again and again - with laughter, wit, understanding and joy. Audiences leave inspired, ready to face life with renewed enthusiasm. Women across the country credit Esther for changing their life after hearing her powerful message.

Between Heaven & Earth, Proof Beyond Doubt the Life and Love are Eternal

When Esther's son died, her world fell apart. What she learned over the next 13 years, prior to the writing of her book, Between Heaven & Earth, was that she had been given a divine assignment to go out and tell everyone who will listen that she has proof beyond any doubt that life and love truly are eternal. Tears and laughter prevail throughout this tender, dynamic, enlightening presentation.

Business Woman
Radio Personality

Esther with son Dean ... the inspiration for her book, Dear Dean...Love, Mom
Proof Beyond Doubt That Life and Love Are Eternal 
Business Woman
Radio Personality