"When you think you've gone as far as you can possibly go, you'll find you've only pushed yourself to the edge of a new beginning." 
                                   - Esther Luttrell
                                 from keynote talk 
                     Reboot, Rebuild, Rejoice
Dianne Lawson
Feng Shui Consultant
NLP Master Practitioner
Public Speaker
 Esther Luttrell
Esther has found a way to use her own life experiences as a platform for making others feel extra-ordinarily good about  themselves. The author of 20 books, and with a career that includes MGM and CBS, she knows first hand about meeting challenges head-on. Women find her talks empowering, men find them thought-provoking. Men and women find courage and inspiration in her indefatigable spirit and warm wit. 
    "It is never too late to be what you might have been."
Whether it's a film or a women's conference,  a faith-based group or a room filled with writers seeking advice and encouragement, Esther's warm and witty message - spoken with the authority of one who has overcome seemingly impossible obstacles - will inspire others to meet and conquer their own personal challenges through self-reliance and self-realization.     
"Genuine. Mesmerizing. Articulate. Meet author-speaker Esther Luttrell. With empathy and easy conversation, her perception and keen insight will change your life. Esther's style simply sparkles." 

Claire Applewhite, past Vice President Missouri Writers Guild
"Whether the subject is film and television production or her own life journey, Esther is an engaging and provocative speaker. I've witnessed her hold spellbound, for hours, audiences comprised of people of diverse social and cultural backgrounds. Audiences leave her talks energized by her personality, wit, warmth and sincere joy. There is no one other like her." 

Frank Dooley, former Eastern North Carolina Film Commissioner

"I knew Esther was a great speaker the first time I heard her. As a Dale Carnegie instructor for twenty years, and a former member of the National Speakers Association, I've heard many who keep an audience entranced and many who are masters of their subjects. Esther is unusual in that she has both of these attributes to a high degree. Bring her in to speak at your conference. Your audience will love you for it."  

 Phil Kline, former Area Manager, 
Dale Carnegie Courses, Lansing, MI
"Esther, please feel free to use my name as a reference  ...You are an excellent storyteller, and you speak with a lot of heart. The audience was completely engaged, as evidenced by the standing ovation." 

Reverend Phil Smedstad 
Unity of the Keys, Key West FL
"Esther, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Comments from other members is that they could listen to you all day. You have touched my life and I shall never forget you ... ever." 

Debra Weaverling, Officer, Leavenworth Women's Chamber of Commerce, Leavenworth, KS

REBOOT, REBUILD, REJOICE Neil Helm, Vice President A.R.E., welcomes Esther as keynote speaker, to the Edgar Cayce Foundation World Headquarters
CBS-TV affiliate, WIBW, covers Esther's Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library appearance (photo: Nancy Harms)
The 111 Foundation, Virginia Beach, VA
Press Conference, film project Malice in the First Degree, San Juan, Puerto Rico 
George Eliot
"Your talk on Saturday to District 1, Kansas Authors Club members, was one of the very best we've had in many years. It was loaded with humor, practical advice on so many levels. Your stories were entertaining and your method of delivery, so charming." 

Evie Green, Vice President, Kansas Authors Club, District 1

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Te Ata 
Feature Film released Sept. 2017-18
Esther Luttrell Screenwriter
 Top Movies by and for Women: Women & Hollywood Publication
Best screenplay, Gallup Film Festival
Best Picture, Orlando Film Festival
 Audience Choice Award, Heartland Film Festival
Graham Greene, Best Actor


Esther Luttrell inspiring audiences to take action and to achieve powerful results in their life.
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